My name is Madara Balode and I am creator of the brand RACETOLACE.
From early childhood I remember myself playing with boys, riding bikes, playing cars and so on. But also I had my dolls, I dressed them up as every little girl did.
When life went on I catched myself at driving old  BMW (model e36)  in my eighteens and later on felling in love with Subaru (WRX, of course). I have never been a fashionista, but still I loved some elegant lace blouses and bodies and I found interesting to look for different laces in my outfit. 

So these are my two passions which came together and made the brand RACETOLACE - our passion from races to laces. RACETOLACE is creating a beautywear for real goddesses and it is inspired by the femininity in motorsports. 

My muse is that woman in love with motorsports. We are beautiful. We are elegant. We are crazy, sometimes insane. We catch adrenaline. We love racing. And we enjoy speed as much as we enjoy elegant laces in our outfits.


Our mission is to show different sides ow women - beautiful and elegant everyday; fast and technical in track.